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The Kilroy Show

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16 Responses to “The Kilroy Show”

  1. Jerry Lee Benson says:

    I wish you and Elizabeth all the best in 2010. I miss not hearing you on the radio. Hope that changes soon. Be waiting to hear you soon. Bigfoot in Nesbit Ms.

  2. Caroline & Woody Fike says:

    Well, it’s about time a REAL country show came around, one that features the great old-timers with that special sound (and the new-timers who know how to re-create the same sound). Way to go. We can hardly wait.

  3. i just got on my computer and went to your website. seem that you had alot of good pictures sure do miss talking to both of you.good luck in everything that you do.waitingto see all the shows. miss all of you take care. linda

  4. Bea Foster says:


    Hi Folks
    Looks like the show was alot of fun and a great one! Keep us posted as to when and where it will be available to see.

    Take care!

    Miss you both!

  5. Sheep Dog says:

    Elizabeth and Kilroy are looking great! It sure looks like ya’ll had a fun filled night of entertainment. I wish I could have been there too! Lets’ get this show on the air so America can see what it has been missing. I know you will succeed and Sirius/XM can “cry in their beer” for letting you go!!!

  6. charlie brown says:

    well beck mon chu !!! the pictures look great cant wait to see all of it

  7. Frank says:

    Hi folks,
    I can’t wait to see the show. I rarely listen to XM 13 anymore. If I wanted to listen to someone talk all morning I would listen to AM radio. FOR FREE!!! I really miss the western music & cowboy poetry. Good Luck.

  8. Larry & Misty says:

    Thanks Elizabeth for the info – well if Kilroy get his show he will have to pour us
    all a cup of coffee – I along with Misty (missing ol cooter) sure miss the show -
    I would hold my cup out many of time and get coffee……….. Thanks for the
    short time fun and pleasure of your radio show………..

  9. richard damm says:

    hi i am so happy for u eddy for the show i wish could be there. i miss u both of u. u to take.

  10. Cephas & Janet says:

    As much as we miss Eddie Kilroy & Elizabeth on X M 13. [ life just ain't the same up here in PA with out you guys] we are looking forward to seeing the new show soon. We know there are great things yet to come . God Bless.

  11. elizabeth says:

    Kilroy and Willie are friends, but he does not OWN XM or chanel 13. When Sirius took over XM, they removed most of XM’s programmers, Kilroy being the last to go….Sirius said they made to much money and could replace them with cheaper personnel……….

  12. Larry & Misty NE Indiana says:

    If Kilroy and Willie are close, how come Kilroy lost his radio show – I would not listen to XM 13 after Kilroy was out – In fact if it was not for 50s on 5 I would not renew XM…….

  13. Sam Webb says:

    Everyone looked great. Wish I could have been there, but I know with great people like Liz and Kilroy, it will be a hit!!

  14. Tom Kimbell says:


  15. William Ray says:

    Liz: You and Kilroy are looking GREAT!!! (Especially you, Kilroy’s doing the best he can!) :) I’m hoping the show will be aired on a media that I can receive, maybe even RFD? I’m sure y’all will keep us informed as to where we can see the show. I wish you MUCH success!!!

    William Ray
    Clanton, AL

  16. Linda Melton says:

    Bart & I just want to congratulate you on your massive success!!! What??? It hasn’t happened yet??? Just wait………It’s just around the corner!!! The pics look great. Can’t wait to see the final product.
    Remember this saying…………”The best revenge is massive success!!”
    Massive success is coming your way, and no two people deserve it more!!!
    Love to both of you. We miss you. I’d wish you “good luck”, but you already have that…..It’s called “hard work”!!!

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