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All Is Well at The Cross K

Well….the title says it all.  Not much going on around here but needed rain, which has shut down our riding.  No shows right now and looking forward to spring.  I hope you all have been stocking up on ammo….that is if you can find it!  22’s were always like BB’s, but  there aren’t any to be found around here, can’t believe it.  At the price of these little darlings, there hasn’t been any practice shooting going on around here.  We have a lot of coyotes around here and I keep hinting for Liz to buy me a “prediator call” so I can call them up and shoot them, but so far, I don’t have one.  They are getting folks dogs and new born calves.  Of  course, they don’t come around here with our dogs.

We do have a new addition to the family….a “Henny”.  That is a donkey for a mother and a horse for a father.  Liz being Liz, trying to feed all of the hungry animals around here (and I support her) found an abounded “donkey” down the road from us in a fenced in field.  Seems someone just dropped her off in the field and left her.  Since she had no grass, Liz carried hay every afternoon to her.  After a month, she finally got permission to just go get her.  Seems she is half tammed, once cornered, she will let you halter and lead her.  She walked up in the horse trailer just fine.  Liz videoed her walking behind the horses on the horse walker… on her on….and posted it to youtube.  Go to : youtube and type in: henny on a horse walker and scroll down until you see Eizabeth Kilroy and there she is.  She is cute.  Funny thing about her is our neighbors have two donkeys and she will not have any thing to do with them at all.  Sticks right with the horses.  I looked out the other day and Liz had her in the round pen on Trigger using her for cutting practice.  I wouldn’t put it past that girl to try and ride the little thing!

Anyway…that’s it.  Do stop in now and then as I do have some irons in the fire and you all will be the first to know of any projects that come to be.

Happy Trails and God Bless

Kilroy and Liz


2 Responses to “All Is Well at The Cross K”

  1. elizabeth says:

    Hey Sheep Dog. Good to hear from you. I have been lax about keeping the website up. Will try to do better. Hope you are doing good and yes, Liz is doing her best. thanks for keeping in touch brother.

  2. Sheep Dog says:

    Hey Kilroy & Elizabeth, Hope this finds all well. I think of you often but, don’t take the time to check in, like I should. It’s been very hot here in VA, we’ve been getting plenty of rain to keep the grass green though. I heard a Jerry Lee Lewis song just now, To Make Love Sweeter For You, and I thought “I bet Kilroy produced that wonder how he’s doing”. So I checked in, on your site. Hopefully, Elizabeth is keeping you in line. God Bless, Luv ya like a brother.

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