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Nothing New….

Hey Amigo’s


Sorry it has been so long, but as the heading says…nothing new.  My knee has given me more trouble than expected, but all will be well as I am back to riding now and helping poor Elizabeth around here. Bless her, she had ALL of the mowing, feeding, stacking hay out of the field, doctoring horses, hooking up horse trailers, driving me around, helping with my thearpy, keep house, on and on. She is a God send to me…best of the west and better than the rest! I just wish I could have roped her many years sooner than I did.


While I was laid up, I had a couple of projects in the fire.  I hope I will be discussing these in the near future as Liz and I are very excited about them. 

We have managed to get enough hay cut this year to do us, but the second cutting was thin due to yet another minor drought, nothing like last year, but this year goes down in history as the “second” hottest summer…last year was the hottest.  Dang this hot weather! Bad on horses, dogs and people.  We have gotten some rain and as I write, it is raining for the second day, thank God.

Liz did well sorting this year but quit when it was just to hot, even in covered arena’s. She missed one buckle by a miserable 3 points. I am sure she will be starting up soon.


Happy Trails and God Bless…..Adios, Kilroy


2 Responses to “Nothing New….”

  1. Sheep Dog says:

    Kilroy, you had me concerned for awhile there, not giving an update. Glad to see you’re back on site. You gotta get back on the fast-track, so you can get back to taking care of Liz. She is a keeper, so I guess you have to keep up. Hope you continue to do well.

  2. Cephas & Janet says:

    Hay cowboy
    Good to hear you and Elizabeth are still on the trail. Janet Shawn and I just spent a week at the Bloomsburg Pa Fair . where we first met Elizabeth. back when what great memories with great friends hoping are trails we meet again real soon SURE DO MISS YOU GUYS

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