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Hey Folks….

Well, it is hard to believe that it is October already.  It has been a summer from HELL here in Texas.  The worst drought/heat in recorded history and we here can well believe it! We finally got a little rain, not nearly enough, but it helped and it is cooler. The hunt for hay is the chore of the moment.  The surrounding states of Texas has just about dried up as they have been sending hay to Texas daily.  This historical drought has played havoc on our economy in many ways.  Our neighboring states have done well, however, in our plight as the cost of hay has doubled and sometimes tripled.   The cost of shipping has gone off the charts.  It’s really a shame as we as American’s should stick together when in trouble instead of sticking it to you, but the dollar bill makes the most noise.  One day, these folks may be in need themselves, it always comes back around.  We were some of the few that did get a spring cutting, but only 10 round bales.  We MAY get one more, but if we do, it won’t be over 7 or 8 bales.  We have been feeding hay since June, so that doesn’t last long.  Liz and I are going to Mississippi soon to get a couple of loads to take us through winter and spring.  We bought a trailer to haul our own and it is working out good.

Last month, I went on my yearly trek to south Texas, the canyon, with my Tejas Vaquro brothers for our week long ride.  I took my horse, Cash, the dunn and we entered in a couple of team sorting, but, no buckle.  Liz, however, has been winning money on Cash just about every time they compete in team sorting.  Mm-mm….maybe the horse likes her best, don’t blame him.  Her horse, the big Palomino Trigger, appears to be finally coming sound…praise God!  By next spring, she will be back to competing on him.  I know she has missed him and it has been a long rode to recovery.

The colt “Pistol” that we adopted is not a colt anymore…he is nearly as big as the rest and he is now 17 months old.  He is as big as my old retired roping horse, Hank.  Liz works with him a lot and she has him minding his manners on the ground work very well.

Our plans for the future are marching along fine.  We will post more as it becomes final.  We are excited.

I have been back in the studio recording our church band “Open Range Band”.  We are nearly through and it will be great when done.  I really enjoy making records, next to Liz and horses, that is my passion and it has been fun.

I guess that about raps it up for now…..take care and God Bless each of you

Happy Trails,

Kirloy and Liz

Pistol, the adopted colt

Pistol, the adopted colt



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We have our web site up and running, and you're invited for cowboy coffee or a beer, as much as you want! Come on in and look around, share our lives and look at our photo’s of all the past times that shape us and keep us on our toes. We never forget the friends we have made over the years and the incredible times we have enjoyed sharing our lives with them.

When Elizabeth and I are asked what we love most about our life together, our answer is always the same. It’s God, our family, and the friends we share it with: you, the guests, the celebs, Willie, and all the gang that color our world and bless us with their grace.

Keep in touch, you never know where we will turn up at, usually on horseback, always with a smile and time for you and all the gang that make our life so joy filled.

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