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drought of 2011 (3)Hey folks.

Liz and I hope you all are doing well and good as expected.  We are finally “burning” up, literally.  Half of Texas is on fire.  PLEASE, pray for rain to come to this grief sticken, dry land.  This is a picture taken a month ago of our tank, which is now dry as is everyone’s.  The grass is like winter.

The temps have finally come down to a bearable temperature, which is good, but no rain in sight.  We have been sorting, but that is about it.  Maybe now we can expand out with the weather being cooler.  We went to TN. last week and brought back a load of round bales.  If it doesn’t rain soon, we will not get another cutting of our own.  We have been feeding our winter hay for two months now.  We are looking for good quality horse hay within a 400 mile radius at a fair price.  We have a 30 foot trailer and will go get it, the problem is we are falling victim to the money game….supply and demand.  Texas is in need, so these other states that have plenty are doubling there prices just because they can…like the oil companies.  Sadly, the transportation rates are skyrocketing for the same reason….we need the hay. 

Enough of the woes of the world.  We hope to see some of you at Red Stegall’s cowboy gathering in Fort Worth next month.  We always have a grand time…especially at the chuck wagons. 

I have emerged into the 21st century….I have an IPhone.  Talk about a train wreck!  Right off the bat, Liz was driving, set my IPhone on the console and it slid off into a glass of tea.  She stuck in a bag of rice and after 2 days it started working again.  I’ve always been with AT&T, but now I guess I’m with “Tea Mobile”.  Learning to use these modern wonders is a chore in itself…thankfully I have Liz to figure things out.

Well, Happy Trails to all and God Bless…..Remember….PRAY for rain in Texas and let me know of any good round bales of hay at a fair price within a 400 mile radius of Fort Worth.

Kilroy and Liz



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We have our web site up and running, and you're invited for cowboy coffee or a beer, as much as you want! Come on in and look around, share our lives and look at our photo’s of all the past times that shape us and keep us on our toes. We never forget the friends we have made over the years and the incredible times we have enjoyed sharing our lives with them.

When Elizabeth and I are asked what we love most about our life together, our answer is always the same. It’s God, our family, and the friends we share it with: you, the guests, the celebs, Willie, and all the gang that color our world and bless us with their grace.

Keep in touch, you never know where we will turn up at, usually on horseback, always with a smile and time for you and all the gang that make our life so joy filled.

Best Regards,

Kilroy & Elizabeth