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Boy….we went from snow and freezing weather to summer!!  I know it’s crazy all over the country, but it sure is crazy here.  We are dry, windy (and I don’t mean a breeze) and hot. I know all of the sand we have hauled in for the round pen and walker track is at least in Fort Worth or getting close by now.  The horses have been “leaning” sideways bracing the wind so much, that they are leaning when they come in to eat….habit I guess.  Now I know why the trees around here all grow leaning to one direction.

We’ve been staying busy with the horses and ranch work….spring always brings a lot of things to do…helping neighbors with spring shots and branding for their calves, etc.   We’ve gone to some sorting and Liz won a little money on that buckskin of mine.  We seem to be running a “horse  rehab center” around here.  Liz’s palomino, Trigger, has not recovered yet after 9 months, my big roan horse will never be better, now her paint horse, Kody, is down for a month with sore hocks!!   That colt we fostered is 11 months old this month already….time does fly, seems it was just yesterday he was just a little guy, now he’s pretty big and looks like he will be a fairly big horse.  Liz says he will be my horse after she breaks him, puts him through school then I can have him. Nice of her…..

Liz and I went to see my daughter, Lisa, in Folsom La. last week.  I hadn’t seen her for some time. She has been very ill for quite a long time, but she is better …. thank God… and Liz met her for the first time.  The two of them hit it off  famously, which I knew Lisa would love Liz.  I was very excited to visit her and meet the wonderful man she married, Wayne…. we had a grand time.  We had plenty of one of my favorite foods….Cajun, and I think I’m about to persuade Liz’s taste buds in that direction….she’s starting to like craw-fish and hot sauce…..there’s hope for that girl yet.

Last week we had the biggest hail that we have ever personnel y  seen.  Liz took pictures of them in my hand, to which she will attach to this post, (I don’t have a clue how to do that).  I have a nice size dent in the hood of my truck, Liz’s came out of it unscathed.

Happy Easter to all and be safe…

Happy Trails and God Bless…

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When Elizabeth and I are asked what we love most about our life together, our answer is always the same. It’s God, our family, and the friends we share it with: you, the guests, the celebs, Willie, and all the gang that color our world and bless us with their grace.

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