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Hello to everyone!!

I’ve been chastised for letting the site go so long without an update….it’s my fault and I’ll take the chastising.

Not much has been going on around here lately. Kilroy and I had a great time on the big spring gathering and working of cattle on the Diamond R ranch in NavasotaTexas.  They still gather and work the old way…drag calves to the fire for branding and eating out of a chuck wagon.  I again had the honors of giving shots to all of the calves after we had gathered them out of many acres of woods and grass lands.  One day I was on my paint colt and Kilroy was on Trigger…mind you Trigger is 16 hands tall, which is tall, and we had to go into pretty tough brush. Kilroy had to get off  to get under the branches, which his saddle horn scrubbed a little..it had rained a lot and very muddy…so watching him get back on as his boot kept slipping out of the stirrup was our laugh for the day.  He’s glad he didn’t ride his horse Amigo, which is bigger yet. Amigo was home recovering from a sore leg.  Trigger did a great job of roping calves and dragging them to be branded.   I was proud of him and his ability.

 Our hay is so good it’s the talk around here and we are entering it in a county wide “hay” contest in September. We had a great crop on the first cutting and fixing to cut again. It is so green it is emerald green.  I think it’s the 30,000 pounds of turkey poop we put on it last year. Gotta hand it to the turkeys!

 I’ve been doing some sorting on my yellow horse, Trigger and doing quite well until he came up lame a month ago.  He’s been through every thing including an MRI to find a torn ligament in the foot area and has to be on stall rest for  3 months with shock treatments during this time.  That is not going to be fun for him or us.  I guess I’ll spend a lot more time with that paint colt.  We also have a mare and 6 week old colt that we are “fostering” as she was starving and had a colt to boot with a yearling on her side all at the same time.  I don’t know how long we will keep them, but if I have my way, the colt will have a home here. He is adorable, picture of him on the walker track at 3 weeks at the bottom.  In my life, I’ve had several foals but Kilroy has never had a mare or foal so this serves two ways…Kilroy enjoying watching a foal grow and help with them at the same time.  We had to milk the mare and force feed him a few hours after birth as he had not nursed.  He would have died had that not happened.  Soon after he began to nurse and all was ok.

Now, some good news…..GAC has contacted us about The Kilroy Show.  They like the show prospect and are interested in placing the show starting the first quarter of next year!!  YEAH!  We have irons in the fire that we’ll mention as they happen. 

Well, that about does it for now…I’ll try to be more prompt from now on.

God Bless and Happy Trails

Kilroy and ElizabethLearning the ropes at a young age of 3 weeks



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