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Welcome to our New Site

We’ve been working hard on a new look for the web site. Welcome. Take a look around and let us know how we’re doing. We’ll be adding more pictures and content over the next few weeks, so check back to see what’s changed.

The Webmaster

Ray’s home

Hi everyone

Most of you may remember over a year ago when Ray Price gave me a Thoroughbred horse named “No matter Who”, whom I named “Ray”. I spent many hours and weeks turning “Ray” into a pretty good all around horse, even pushed some cows on him and a good trail horse. I roped and drug logs off of him. His passion is running, he really loves it, so some of you may remember that last summer we sent him to West Va. to “Charles Town Racetrack and slots” to resume his racing career. Though he did well and sent us to the pay window, we decided to bring him back home.

After a couple of weeks R&R, I plan on putting him back to trail work and then on to barrels. He is all heart and has proven that, so we’ll see where his talent takes him now. I really need another horse to ride! If Kilroy had only built that covered arena, the weather wouldn’t dictate when I ride. With Ray home, that will give me four to ride counting the colt, Cody. I guess I’ll be real busy, so that means I won’t have time for “housecleaning” or “cooking” or other domestic things like that.

Wonder how a broom or vacuum fits Kilroy’s hand??


Surgery Contest

Hi Guys

Well, it looks like Kilroy and I are having a surgery contest. This past Tuesday, Kilroy had to have gall bladder surgery. I knew he wouldn’t let me do nothing for very long! Now, I’m waiting on him while he heals. Now, neither of us can (or suppose to) lift the weight of a bag of feed or a saddle to put on a horse. I rode one of my horses today for the first time and it went well, little sore, but no step for a stepper as I’ve always been told. I had to use my light barrel saddle that doesn’t get much use as it only weighs 28 pounds.

Kilroy is fine…he’ll be rocking before long. We aren’t doing anything but hosting the week-end shows at Willie’s dance hall, and working on the TV show. We have been doing a lot of work here at the ranch as well. Our site will take on a new look very soon, tons of pictures to look at.

LOL to all of you… That’s about it for now.

Happy Trails!


TV show

Hey folks

Just wanted to keep you up to date on what’s going on with the TV show I have talked about. I had a long meeting with the producers the other day and walked through Willie’s Place..the truck stop, dance hall,saloon etc.

They are as excited about this as I am. We hope to shoot a pilot in 60-90 days. As I tried to build “Hank’s/Willie’s Place” into the success it was, I will work harder to make this TV show even better and bigger. We will not know what channel it will land on until after the pilot is shot and we pitch it. Of course we will let all of you know when this happens. I talked to Willie and he is excited to….it will be a lot of fun and all of you will be able to “watch” Willie’s place instead of just listening to it.

Thanks for hanging in there with us.


Time To Ride

Hey guys…thanks for the many inquiries on how I’m doing with my back. I’m doing good and the doc said I could ride in a month and today is the day, except we have gotten much needed rain, four inches so far, and more to come today and tomorrow, so now we have “mud.” With no covered arena, I have no where to ride, so it will be another week before it dries enough to ride, but maybe the good Lord knew I didn’t need to ride right now. Things are beginning to turn green and after this rain, it will really look good. Other than that, nothing much is happening. Kilroy is still working on the TV show and doing the hosting of the week-end shows at Willie’s Dance Hall every Friday and Sat. night. Come on by if you’re near….the dance floor is great.

Thanks again


Back Surgery

Hi everyone

I know Kilroy is great behind a microphone, but he sure isn’t worth a “nickel” at being a nurse. However, I am managing on my own quite well, and counting the days until I can ride. At least I can work the horses in the round pen…without holding onto a lead line of course. Can’t have them jerking on me just yet.

Anyway, life is on semi-hold at the Cross K right now. We did see a lot of great loyal listeners last week-end at Darrell McCall’s dance at Willie’s.

Thanks for the support



Hey Folks, Just thought I would let you know that I am MC’ing the week-end shows at Willie’s dance hall. So, if you are around there on Friday night or Saturday night, I’ll be there and sometimes I talk Elizabeth into going with me. Look me up and say hello. Love to see any of you.




Welcome To Our Site

We have our web site up and running, and you're invited for cowboy coffee or a beer, as much as you want! Come on in and look around, share our lives and look at our photo’s of all the past times that shape us and keep us on our toes. We never forget the friends we have made over the years and the incredible times we have enjoyed sharing our lives with them.

When Elizabeth and I are asked what we love most about our life together, our answer is always the same. It’s God, our family, and the friends we share it with: you, the guests, the celebs, Willie, and all the gang that color our world and bless us with their grace.

Keep in touch, you never know where we will turn up at, usually on horseback, always with a smile and time for you and all the gang that make our life so joy filled.

Best Regards,

Kilroy & Elizabeth