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Willie and the Wheel

The “Willie and the Wheel” concert last night was a sold out success. The restaurant is now open 4:00PM – 10:00PM. Elizabeth and I were there and visited with quite a few of our listeners for years. We enjoyed seeing and meeting them. There is one more performance tonight of the tour with Asleep @ the Wheel, and ends their tour with Willie. Elizabeth and I will be there doing MC chores with pleasure.



Note from Kilroy

Hey friends,

I want to thank each of you for visiting our website and the out pouring of support you guys have offered. Elizabeth and I had dinner with Willie last night. We had a good evening and talked about a lot of things. At this time I’m focused on putting together the TV show. How soon this will take, who knows, it takes quite some time…much more than putting together XM 13 did eight years ago. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun when it comes together. While I’m riding Liz’s horses, I have found that she’s a great back seat rider as well as a back seat driver!

Thanks, we love all of you.


Hey folks,

Boy does Elizabeth have me hopping around here. I actually had to haul her horse to the vet by myself today. I did ride two of them once so far, but the wind and cold keeps me in. (too bad huh) She is suppose to walk and expects me to go with her…can’t imagine why, I guess she thinks I need the exercise.


Back home from hospital

Hey guys. This is Elizabeth. I had a much needed back surgery last week and now Kilroy has to do ALL of the chores…what a pity! I’m not sure I want him washing clothes anymore…his T-shirts are now pink. I’m ready to send out for pizza, one can only eat frozen dinners so much. Before surgery, I was busy riding horses, now Kilroy has promised to ride them for me….we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted on things here at the ranch.

Happy Trails.




Welcome To Our Site

We have our web site up and running, and you're invited for cowboy coffee or a beer, as much as you want! Come on in and look around, share our lives and look at our photo’s of all the past times that shape us and keep us on our toes. We never forget the friends we have made over the years and the incredible times we have enjoyed sharing our lives with them.

When Elizabeth and I are asked what we love most about our life together, our answer is always the same. It’s God, our family, and the friends we share it with: you, the guests, the celebs, Willie, and all the gang that color our world and bless us with their grace.

Keep in touch, you never know where we will turn up at, usually on horseback, always with a smile and time for you and all the gang that make our life so joy filled.

Best Regards,

Kilroy & Elizabeth